Yamaha PSR Styles

All files on this site are in the public domain. All have been contributed by the authors. Some are original styles created by very talented and generous musicians. Others are conversions of styles that have gone into the public domain or have been used with permission from various older keyboards.If you are aware of any copyright infringement, please notify me immediately including the file and, if possible, why you feel the file is infringing on anyone's intellectual rights.

I have contributed this space for the benefit of all musicians. Please respect the fact that I am paying for the bandwidth and disk space. When downloading, be considerate of all. I have controls in place to monitor total downloads (hourly, daily, weekly and total) by IP address and while I have not had to shut anyone off, I reserve the right to limit indidividual IP addresses. I also have an experimental control to monitor the use of Web proxies. Any proxy detected will be denied access. Thank you for your understanding.

If you are the author of a Yamaha style, please contribute to the cause by sending the file(s) to me along with notes about the intended keyboard, etc.

Most of the styles here are intended for the PSR 2000 and up keyboards with many intended for Tyros, S900, etc. In some cases, the file name provides a clue as to what keyboard the style was intended for. If in doubt, download and try it out.
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